20L - 100L Expandable Pack

The AGOGE pack is designed to get you through your training. It's a versatile pack designed to hold your training tools, and was designed with HEMA and weapon based martial arts in mind. We tested early models with help from some local HEMA practitioners.

It has a front pocket that fits a mask or spare clothing, and a pocket that will hold small items. There is a long weapon pocket on the bottom of the inner main chamber and a sword tie to hold swords (in hilt down position,) and other long weapons in such a way that they support the back of the bag.

The top of pack rolls out long enough to cover most training weapons; anything from a full kit plus a bit more, to a pile of weapons and many variations between.

As is standard, this bag is made with 1680 ballistic nylon and Cordura®, with high-vis neon lime pack cloth lining, it also has a framesheet to properly distribute the load and prevent pressure points on your back.

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