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2" x 6" x 4.5"

The Arke is a more organized take on a bicycle hip pouch that is designed to last a long long time. The velcro that is on many pouches was swapped out for a longer lasting option that can be easily replaced. The hook is a center point that catches both the face pocket closure and the main bag closure to reduce the amount of stuff on the pouch with a simpler ascetic.

The face pocket is split and will comfortably fit an id, credit card or something deeper and keep it separate from the more abrasive tool bits inside the main chamber, and as a bike pouch, it comes with the obligatory u lock holster that will hold most standard u locks.   

All Prometheus Packs Products are hand made in the USA.

The Arke pouch is constructed from 1000D courdura with 400D packcloth lining. The u lock sleeve is made from doubled 1000D cordura.

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