About the company

Prometheus Packs started slowly, at first I had a bag that I loved as far as the capacity and organization went, but the back left a lot to be desired. Being a theatrical carpenter at the time, I put a lot of odd shaped and heavy things in it that wouldn't sit right and would poke into your back. 

Long after welding my first frame (and then different variations of said frame) and framesheets for this pack, I started patterning packs and making them, Kenien still has one that I made from what was basically made from Polyester lawn furniture fabric from 2009.

What we feel we have evolved into, is a company that is focused on making products with durability and structure to provide a solid carrying experience that can adapt to the many different things that have to be transported. - Ash

founder portrat option 3.jpg

Ashanti Ziths,

Designer and Packbuilder

For as long as he can remember, Ashanti has been designing and making things. Be it small figurines, bicycle handlebars, theatre and movie sets, things were made, and made from many different materials.

Ashanti went to school for theatre and there encountered the sewing machine and that combined with having an injured back and needing some sort of frame on his pack, would be the beginning of the company. Shortly after doing some welded frame mods to his existing backpack, he got a sewing machine from a thrift store and a couple of machines later, is writing a bio on a backpack website!